Dominican Cacao Tea

I often get the question what to do with the raw cacao we sometimes find inside the CSA box. I tried to give you some ideas in one of my previous blogs:

Recently I read an article about Dominican Cacao Tea and after some experiments I made the most delicious Cacao Tea!!

It resembles chocalatemilk but this one is not too sweet, a bit bitter and with a very deeply chocolaty flavour.

Dominican Tea culture is influenced from their colonial era when plantation workers used to have tea at sunrise before going to work, the word tea is often used to replace the word breakfast.
In Dominica cocoa is a staple crop, which makes cocoa tea a common drink all day long especially in the morning. The tea is served hot and often accompanied by banana fritters.


teaDominican Cacao Tea (serves 2)

– ½ stick of cinnamon
– 1 bay leaf
– ½ tsp grated nutmeg (or powder)
– 250 ml almondmilk
– 250 ml coconutmilk
– 1 grated cacaoball (or less if you want it less chocolaty)
– 1-2 tbsp coconut sugar or any other form of sweetener




– In a small pot place the cinnamon, bay leaf and nutmeg.
– Add the milk and set on a medium heat to simmer.
– Meanwhile, grate the cocoa ball

cacoa balls12684150383_31689c8a59








– When the milk is simmering add the grated cocoa and whisk until well combined.
– Add the sweetener and stir.
– Serve immediately


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